Dallas, TX – Nita Strauss played Tree’s Thursday evening in support of her new studio album Controlled Chaos. Strauss is most popular from her time playing guitar for  Alice Cooper and touring the world. Now Strauss is moving into showing off her full talent with a new solo tour and album..

There was plenty of Iron Maiden t-shirt wearing fans Thursday evening. Nita Strauss was once a guitarist for the famous all-female band The Iron Maidens. The Maiden fans have certainly not forgotten where Strauss first peaked in her career and she didn’t let them down either. Mid-show Strauss broke into “Aces High” by Iron Maiden with huge cheers from the crowd.

Strauss certainly didn’t want to disappoint the Alice Cooper fans either. Early in the evening, Strauss invited lead singer Kore Rozzik from the opening band to come out and sing “I’m Eighteen”, an Alice Cooper classic.

Strauss played a total of ten songs Thursday with eight of them from the new album Controlled Chaos. I found the show far more entertaining than expected. Nita Strauss has a very unique persona with spectacular guitar skills. Her eye contact with the crowd and aggressive guitar playing is amazing to witness. Strauss is wrapping up her solo tour June 22nd and heading back on the road with Alice Cooper this summer.

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