Dallas, TX – One of the busiest touring rock bands in the world right now are The Dead Daisies.  Already this year, the band has toured Europe, Japan, Canada and now North America with more overseas dates later this year.

With a recent new studio album release titled Burn it Down, The Dead Daisies are on a roll. DFW Images recently caught up with singer John Caribi and talked about this new heavy hitting studio album.

DFW Images: Tell us about this new studio album and how the tour has gone so far?

Carabi: It’s been well received, and the fans seem to love it. We have had some significant success overseas playing some decent size clubs and recently sold out our U.K. tour.

DFW: The song “Rise Up” from the new album has an excellent sound. Is this a political statement in any way?

Carabi: “Rise Up” is a look at yourself and how your life is going. Political, it could be; however, it’s not a rise up against the government type thing. It’s more of let’s all stay together and stop the shit.

DFW: Have you hit any music charts with the new album?

Carabi: I just saw that we made the top 40 active radio list. We’re categorized with Alice Cooper, AC/DC and Bob Seger type stuff, but we’ll take it.

DFW: Some of the song titles seem age-specific like “Judgment Day,” “Can’t Take It with You” and “Dead and Gone.”

Carabi: Well, we are an older band and we all have kids and some of us grandkids so yea, sorta lol.

DFW: I didn’t see a ticket package for a meet and greet for the Dallas show at Trees. Do you have that like other bands?

Carabi: We are all about the fans, and we certainly want to give the fans that opportunity. We’re old school in the fact that we will meet you for free and you don’t have to pay extra. At every show the first 100 people in the door will get a wristband to meet the band later that evening. That’s how we do it.

Before Friday night’s show at Trees in Dallas, the Dead Daisies offered up a free intimate acoustical Q & A jam session at Guitar Center.

After the acoustic set, The Daisies handed out posters, t-shirts, and signed autographs until the last fan left. Then later that evening the band checked into Trees for their headlining show.

A stormy evening in Dallas kept big crowds away. However most, if not all, the diehard Daisy heads showed up ready to rock. Dizzy Reed, a previous daisy himself, and former Guns N Roses keyboardist, opened the show with his side project, Hookers And Blow.  Dizzy’s band opened with several Guns N Roses songs while also mixing in some new originals. A highlight of their set was an outstanding rendition of Freebird, where guitarist Alex Grossi melted the crowd with his guitar solo.

When the lights dimmed for The Dead Daisies, lead guitarist Doug Aldrich appeared before screaming fans. Doug’s unique guitar sound immediately has the crowd fired up as singer John Carabi breaks into “Resurrected”, a new single off the Burn It Down album.

During member introductions, the band performed single short jam sessions of top hits by Queen, Ted Nugent, and AC/DC. The mini jam sessions were a unique, memorable moment that built the crowd up half way through the show. Carabi’s voice was absolutely amazing all night while he continuously worked up the crowd. Bassist Marco Mendoza entertains with his serious and funny facial expressions. He seems to be enjoying every moment of entertaining while playing the bass flawlessly. Founding member Dave Lowy takes on a couple of lead guitar solos and thanks the crowd for supporting the Dead Daisy project. Again, like Mendoza, Lowy seems to be having a blast. Overall, The Dead Daisies seem complete and on track with every song played. If you were not there or have never experienced The Dead Daisies, you have definitely missed out. With a two hour performance at Trees on a stormy night, the rock and rollers were satisfied.

Did you come out to Guitar Center or Trees for The Dead Daisies Friday?

Check out more photos of The Dead Daisies below: