Irving, TX – 3 Doors Down filled the Toyota Music Factory Tuesday afternoon along with support acts Soul Asylum and Collective Soul. Without a new album release, the band is celebrating their current music on a summer-long circuit titled the Rock & Roll Express tour.

Singer,  Brad Arnold, starts the evening with “Duck and Run”; a single from 2001 Better Than Life album. With his country boy smile, ball-cap and blue jeans he embraces the crowd by calling everyone his “friends”, and the fans rise to their feet.

3 Doors Down is a true American rock band with no frills or exotic stage show. Most evident though are the U.S. colors of red, white and blue throughout. With an American flag, US Armed forces insignia  and star-spangled shoes, guitarist Chris Henderson screams allegiance. 3 Doors Down is clearly a  proud unapologetic American band with love for the country.

“Not My Time”, Kryptonite”, “Here Without You” and of course “When I’m Gone” were all played during the 17 song setlist Tuesday evening. American Rock was alive and well Tuesday with some fans gaining early ticket sales for just $20. God Bless America!

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