Dallas, TX – Judas Priest put on a spectacular crowd-pleasing show at The Bomb Factory Saturday evening with a sold-out house. Supporting their latest studio album release Fire Power, Judas Priest has embarked on a 2018 world tour. Judas Priest has continuously set the bar high for all heavy metal bands with almost 50 years of history. Their most significant success came in the early 80’s with their studio album release British Steel.  Songs like “Breaking The Law” and  “Living After Midnight”  resonate from the good times of hair metal in the 80’s. Saturday evening all the middle-aged rockers and quite a few younger fans fist pumped and sang along to every hit.

Fire Power, their eighteenth studio album, captures all the classic feel of Judas Priest. On this evening, the Priest played three new songs from the Fire Power album while shuffling in some classic hits along the way. With the new album release, there was also some sad news regarding guitarist Glenn Tipton. According to a post on the Judas Priest website, Tipton has been battling Parkinson’s disease for some time and has decided to step down and allow guitarist Andy Sneap to step in. However, Tipton did say he’s not leaving Priest and will be involved one way or another. It was still questionable if he would play Saturday evening or not. Nonetheless, Tipton did step on stage Saturday at the Bomb Factory and sat in for the last three songs and encore, garnering colossal praise from the crowd.

The Priest cranked out 19 songs Saturday evening including three new hits from the late Fire Power release along with many fan favorites from the past 40 years. Having Judas Priest play a Dallas show at a venue like The Bomb Factory was most likely the most intimate moment for any diehard fan of the Priest.

Were you the there Saturday evening with Judas Priest Fire Power tour?

Check out more photos of Judas Priest at The Bomb Factory below: