Dallas, TX – The Dallas International Guitar Festival finished another successful run Sunday evening celebrating three days of guitars, music, and celebrities. The festival, where guitar enthusiasts buy, sell or trade guitars, has been around now for 41 consecutive years.

Guitar players, collectors, musicians and music fans from all over make up the diverse crowd at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. From blues to metal, rockabilly and country, there are plenty of styles represented at the guitar festival.

You can almost guarantee seeing one of your favorite local artists or national artists roaming the convention floor during the festival. Derek St Holmes, the nationally known guitarist and singer from the Ted Nugent Band, has been a regular at the guitar fest. Additionally, Andy Timmons, a local Texan and national musician, can be seen roaming the booths as well as many other local celebrity musicians.

Derek St Holmes,Dallas International Guitar Festival

This year, the show featured guitarist extraordinaire Eric Johnson. Johnson showed up Saturday afternoon to greet a long line of eager fans. Johnson spent several hours shaking hands, talking music and taking selfies with fans who had waited for hours. Later that evening, Johnson took to the outdoor stage for a memorable performance to a packed courtyard.

Known as the young guns, The Dallas International Guitar Festival features artists under the age of twenty. This mostly Dallas-based teenage group of musicians bring forth incredible talent that leaves fans and veteran musicians shaking their heads in awe. Throughout the three day festival, these younger musicians get to perform with seasoned acts. Almost everyone on hand supports this younger talent, and rightfully so – these kids are good.  The next generation of guitarists will continue the legacy of the exceptional musicians that have paved the way for them.

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Photos by: Calvin Mims and Dan Elam.