Irving, TX – Friday, Jan 26th the Toyota Music Factory hosted Joe Satriani’s G3 2018 tour. With guitarist Phil Collen (Def Leppard), John Petrucci  (Dream Theatre) and legendary Joe Satriani.

Phil Collen opened the evening with singer Debbi Blackwell and the Delta Deep experience. Phil along with Debbi brought a blues style opening to a night of undocked variety and guitar spectacular.

Shortly after Collen’s set and a brief intermission John Petrucci of Dream Theater took a brightly lit stage. Petrucci’s clenched fist silhouette and arms raised high received an earsplitting roar from the crowd.

With a complete instrumental set, Petrucci mesmerized the Irving audience. With his technical guitar style and galactic background, Petrucci gave the fans all the wanted.

After a great set from Petrucci, concert-goers had another opportunity to grab a drink and prepare for the G3 2018 organizer himself, Mr.Joe Satriani.

With his signature sunglasses, black t-shirt and technical guitar rhythm Satriani had the audience on their feet. Smooth flowing guitar chords came alive while Satriani’s guitar pointed him across the stage. Satriani’s opening song is Energy from his new 16th studio album “What Happens Next.” Satriani plays eleven songs before having Phil Collen, and John Petrucci join him for a finale of “Highway Star” (Deep Purple), “Superstition” (Stevie Wonder) and Going Down (The Alabama State Troupers).

Were you there Friday evening at The Toyota Music Factory? Tell us your favorite moments.

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