Evanescence stopped through Dallas last month and DFW Images caught up with guitarist Jen Majura and talked knitting, metal, Evanescence and InZENity


We first met Jen back in 2015 when she was performing for her second time live with Evanescence in Dallas. Jen speaks of being nervous those first few shows and feeling the overall excitement of actually touring with Evanescence. Two years later, we caught up again to reminisce about those early days and where Jen Majura is today.

Of course, one of our first questions was how the Evanescence gig came to be? Jen explains her good friend Alex Skolnick from Testament got a call saying Evanescence was searching for a female guitarist. Skolnick, who has played with Jen and clearly knows her talent drops her info and immediately contacts her. He tells her that she’ll be getting a call and the answer is “Yes.”

Sure enough, the call comes and Jen finds herself in New York with Amy Lee.  Naturally, Jen assumes there are some auditions lined up. Amy tells her it’s a done deal as she has seen her work from videos and recordings. Jen’s passion, experience and ability are obvious from those recordings. She and Amy spent the next couple of days getting to know each other and making sure Evanescence was a good fit.

Now, as she embarks on her second year with Evanescence, Jen has claimed Evanescence as her second family – both on and off the road.

InzenityWith all the excitement of world touring with Evanescence, Jen still found time to create a new solo album titled InZENity. Tapping into her metal history, Jen created something reminiscent of 80’s style metal, full of boisterous imagination that captivates the listener. With song titles like “Drama Queen”, “Like Chuck Norris”, “Stupid Piece of Wood” and “Bully Lies”Jen created an album that’s fun,  heavy on the guitar riffs and unpredictable. Most of the music has a regular beat yet whimsical right and left turns to keep you engaged to find out what comes next. This variable touch to metal music is something most artists shy away from today.  Being a female guitarist in a predominantly male fielded arena takes skill and personality – something which Jen has no shortage of. 


Throwing music against the wall and hoping it sticks is a general approach for many artists. Taking a different approach with InZENity, Jen offered up a crowdfunding campaign that allowed fans to be a part of the album. For example, a participant could have their name included in the album booklet, purchase actual gear used in the recording of InZENnity and private guitar lessons through Skype.  Perhaps the most personal (and most amusing) gift, contributors could get a pair of custom-made knitted socks, knitted by Jen herself. According to Jen, she has a secret passion for making knitted socks and decided she could knit them while on tour with Evanescence.

Not surprisingly, participants took her up on everything she offered during her crowdfunding campaign. From the beginning, Jen had predicted maybe a $3,000 campaign would help her get a good start at recording InZENity.  To Jen’s surprise, her campaign blew out her original goal by day two and eventually peaked at close to $15,000 in contributions. Jen has been overwhelmed with support and decided to put as much into the project as possible.

InZENity and Jen Majura is something that all Evanescence fans will undoubtedly embrace.

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Photos courtesy of Tom Row Photography and DFW Images.

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