Irving, TX – Evanescence stopped through Dallas Sunday evening with a stunning performance by singer Amy Lee, the Evanescence band, and a full-on orchestra featuring local musicians. Synthesis Live highlighted the depth of Evanescence and left the crowd mesmerized by Lee’s heart-stirring vocals.

Supporting their fourth studio album release Synthesis, due out November 10th, Evanescence has embarked on one of its most extensive tours since 2012. Just like any other rock band who has used an orchestra, critics always come out in force. Nonetheless, Lee is an outstanding vocalist and  genuinely found a way to shine a different light on her music. Evanescence is known for their multi-faceted, multi-layered songs and the full orchestra displayed that. With plenty of hardcore Evanescence fans supporting this new experience Sunday, a few may have wanted a little more edge in the end.  Perhaps a song or two in typical Evanescence rock fashion would have nicely bridged the gap between old material and the orchestral experience.

The reality is that Amy Lee is Evanescence and she is a passionate and creative person, always willing to try something new.  Her work ranges from alternative rock, orchestra compositions, movie soundtracks and even children’s music.   DFW Images spoke with Lee shortly after the show, and she expressed her interest in always wanting to do a show featuring a full orchestra. She also revealed that, while it was her moment, she realized that it was tough on the rest of the band to take a smaller role in the show.

Evanescence’s setlist consisted of 19 songs, including two new songs off the Synthesis album – “Imperfection” and “Hi-Lo”.   The audience was treated to a very moving performance of “My Immortal” with full orchestra.  While Synthesis Live is a departure from past, more hardcore Evanescence, it was still a fantastic show.

Check out more photos from Sunday’s performance below: