Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Live – “Make America Rock Again” is celebrating its second-year tour with a lineup featuring Grammy Award-winner Scott Stapp. Also on the bill is Dallas Texas hometown favorite Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Messer and Trapt. Tuesday evening at Gas Monkey was a night of hard and fast hitting music with little time between sets and artist pulling all the hits.

As the crowd grew mid-evening, Sick Puppies took the stage with a riveting performance. A three-piece Austrailian band with powerful chords and bass riffs played by the beautiful original and founding member Emma Anzai. It wouldn’t be fair to say Emma steals the show, but she certainly plays the bass harder than many others in the business. Vocalist Bryan Scott is crisp and tight on the guitar. Along with Drummer Mark Goodwin, the Sick Puppies were just that, Sick!

Although it was a little unclear where Drowning Pool settled in the evening’s lineup, it made complete sense that they co-headlined for Scott Stapp. Afterall it was Dallas, and these boys are no stranger to Dallas that’s for sure.

No matter what anyone says or thinks Jasen Moreno is Drowning Pool today and hopefully always. Moreno sings every new and old DP song just like he was born to do. Hitting the crowd early Moreno makes sure everyone knows it’s their turf and he’s there to proclaim the right. CJ Pierce on lead guitar along with Steve Benton on Bass and Mike Luce on drums Drowning Pool took what was rightfully theirs, Hometurf.

As the evening came about it was electrifying that Scott Stapp the famous singer and Grammy Award Winner of Creed was going to take the Gas Monkey Live stage.  “Bullets” from Creeds 2001 single is the opener followed by eight other hits including Stapp’s solo “Proof Of Life,” A song he recorded when he said:  “I’ve made a lot of messes in my life but I’ve learned I can take a mess and turn it into a message.” Certainly, Tuesday was no mess, and Stapp performed better than any previous time in Dallas. While music is one thing, Stapp is passionate about helping orphan children with his wife Jaclyn and their charity www.Childfund.org. Stapp takes time out during the show to speak of orphans and needy children throughout the world. With such an incredible history, rocky past and amazing rebound Stapp is someone we can all accept with arms wide open.

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