DALLAS, TX – House Of Blues and Forty years after forming, The Damned, aka the greatest band you’ve never heard of, swept through Big D with such fervor and intensity that heads are still spinning. As I write this piece, I’m still in sort of state of shock. I’ve covered dozens of musicians who began their careers in the 70’s and 80’s, and everyone has always performed as you expect. Quaint shows where stationary artists hand out tunes with subdued audio and people sit and listen. Nobody was sitting last night. The Damned obviously didn’t give a damn about age or stereotypes typically reserved for senior citizens.

There was no grand entrance or big reveal; when it was time, keyboardist Monty Oxymoron walked onto an open stage, approached his boards and began with the first bars of “Melody Lee.” After a few more notes, percussionist Pinch, bassist Stu West, and vocalist Dave Vanian took their places onstage to continue the song. Lead guitarist, Captain Sensible was recovering from an injury and had to play from a seated position. True to form, he chooses a commode as his chair.

After a lengthy and full set that would have easily winded bands half their age, The Damned departed the stage amid a flurry of applause and joyful screams. The whole venue had just had its face kicked in by a legit-as-fuck punk rock band, and these kids wanted more.  The Damned re-appeared and proceeded to play not one, but two separate encores.

As Americans, we sometimes have the tendency to over-exaggerate or take things to the extreme such as haphazardly tossing around terms like “living legends”, “pioneers of rock” and “music gods”. At the risk of sounding cliché or downplaying their significance, The Damned are all three. With, only a handful of US dates left The Damned will hit Canada and then wind off their tour in Europe. It’s hypothesized that the new album, which the band began with a PledgeMusic campaign last fall and culminated with the band signing with Search and Destroy a few weeks ago, will be out after the tour wraps.

Photos and story by Ryan Javier

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