Dallas, TX – House of Blues, March 16th – No Steel Panther show would be complete without Asian hookers, girls from Oklahoma, and partying like there’s no tomorrow. For anyone still wondering what “locker-room talk” is, you need go no further than a Steel Panther show.

The band has been a regular LA fixture at legendary venues like the Viper Room and the Key Club. Originally focusing on covering the 80’s hair metal bands whose style they keep today, the real show is the raunchy parody Steel Panther puts on to pay homage to an era of sex, drugs, men in makeup, and metal.

Steel Panther, Photos by Calvin MimsBe forewarned before adding them to your work playlist though. Steel Panther is NSFW, and probably for the ears of some unsuspecting fans on their first Panther concert experience. A great deal of their success has to be credited to the cult following they have generated over the years. While the crowd was primarily testosterone filled men, there was no shortage of women in the crowd singing along to every line to hits like “It Won’t Suck Itself,” “Let Me Cum In,” and “Gloryhole.”

The band is more than just a novelty, these boys can play. While they broke from playing any covers on their Dallas stop, guitarist Satchel shredded through a guitar solo mid-show (while playing the bass drum) that included licks from “Smoke on the Water,” “Iron Man,” “Master of Puppets,” and even “Do, Re, Mi,” proving the hills are alive with the sound of metal.

Steel Panther is preparing for the release of their 4th studio album “Lower the Bar,” on March 24th. They are currently touring nationwide while maintaining their Monday-night residency at the Roxy. For more on Steel Panther and tour dates click HERE.

Were you there Thursday night? Check out more photos of Steel Panther and Panther fans below and tell us what you thought of the show.

Writer: Michael Dunlop

Photographer: Calvin Mims