Grand Prairie, TX – It was all Sting Monday night at Verizon Theatre – along with a capacity crowd. Before the opening acts, Sting personally came out and greeted the audience, thanking them for attending.  He reminisced about his first time playing in Dallas at the Palladium Ballroom in 1979.  He then pulled up a barstool and played an acoustical warm up song  “Heading South on The Great North Road”, from his new release 57th & 9th.  Right after, he introduced his son Joe Sumner, the spitting image of his dad.  Sumner goes on to play three songs acoustically before the second opener The Last Bandoleros took the stage. Sting took the stage again to play the final song with The Last  Bandoleros.  Then he told the audience to grab a drink and he would be right back.

Sting (Verizon Theater - Dallas, TX 2/20/17<br /> ©2017 James Villa Photography, All Rights Reserved

Sting opened his show sporting a black City of Angels T-shirt and playing his vintage 1955 Fender Bass. He started out strong with a couple Police hits “Synchronicity” and “Spirits in The Material World.”  The enchanted crowd, mostly in their 40’s and 50’s sat and soaked up every moment.  Classics like “Message in a Bottle” and “Roxanne”, however, brought the crowd out of their seats to dance and raise their hands. Sting blazed through 21 songs overall with a mix of new and old. The show had a sense of homecoming and reunion for Sting and the fans.  Having his son and opening act sing backup vocals and including the audience in musical chores created a feeling of being apart of the show and family.

Sting (Verizon Theater - Dallas, TX 2/20/17<br /> ©2017 James Villa Photography, All Rights Reserved

Sting’s main band included longtime friend and guitarist Dominic Miller who has been with Sting for the past 3 decades. Drummer Josh Freese kept the beat while rhythm guitarist Rufus Miller, the son of Dominic Miller, brought just a little more family feeling to this already family style gathering. Sting seemed to be having fun after 40 fantastic years in the business. It was clear Monday night that he was not only the music man but also the ring leader of this tour. After all. who says you can’t walk on the moon with synchronicity?

Tickets are still available for the 57th & 9th tour.  Be sure to catch Sting performing at the 2017 Oscars on February 26th.

Photo Credit : James Villa

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