Dallas, TX – Celebrating 30 years of “To Hell With The Devil”, Stryper straps on the black and yellow once again at Gas Monkey Live! Surprisingly, it was another packed house for Stryper, who was just in town four months ago at the same venue.


Before the show, fans could watch a video showing Stryper’s beginnings on MTV.  From the beginning,  fans supported the band by requesting Stryper videos over other bands. Hitting several number one video requests and beating out other bands like Bon Jovi and Poison was unheard of for an 80’s Christian rock band. Even after 30 years, Stryper is still made up of all the original members – singer Michael Sweet singing vocals, Oz Fox on guitar, Timothy Gaines playing bass and Robert Sweet on drums.


Stryper opened the show with “To Hell with The Devil” from the album with the same name.  They continued to play the entire album front to back. Sweet jokes that it’s a 45-minute album show but then tells the audience they will play all albums front to back. And if you think a Christian rock band would be conservative of sound and volume, you would quickly discover that Stryper is loud – very loud heavy metal that sounds absolutely outstanding.  They aren’t your traditional Sunday morning worship band.

dsc_7906-2A Stryper show isn’t much different than any other heavy metal show.  The exception is that Stryper tosses out Bibles during their set and gives some brotherly love and thanks to God between songs. Sweet talks about the power of prayer and how the world needs more peace and prayer. Yes, the bar was open Sunday night and half the crowd enjoys a beer or two. While alcohol isn’t something you may typically see at a Christian rock show, Stryper has never been traditional Christian music. In a 2015 interview on 100Huntley, Michael Sweet talks about how Stryper was never a traditional Christian band playing churches.  Instead, he says Stryper takes Christianity to bars and clubs where people who may not otherwise hear the gospel can in an environment where they are comfortable.


For more on Stryper and touring dates check out their website.

Slideshow of Sunday’s photos below: