DFW Images recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Amy Lee of Evanescence.  With an upcoming tour and recent children’s album, there is lots going on in her life.  Be sure to check out the audio above to hear Amy talk about what Evanescence fans can expect in the near future.

DFW Images: Amy, tell us about coming to Dallas for the fall 2016 tour.

Amy Lee:  We love playing there and can’t wait!  It’s always on our list because for one we have family and friends there.  And I used to spend a week or two every summer as child in Fort Worth with my grandparents and still have family there. It’s great to be there and it feels like home.

DFW: Amy, tell us about the children’s album you just released titled Dream Too Much.

AL:  I love that we have that piece of our family history and just like custom made songs for Jack (Amy’s son) on an album that will be able to keep forever. Very different and very fun.

DFW:  I think when we first heard Amy Lee and a children’s album we were a little shocked but found it amazing. I suppose we have all grown up in a way?

AL:  Yeah, of course, well not too much. I’m definitely still in a lot of different realms. I’m not going full full raffy just yet, dipping my toes in those children’s waters.

DFW:  I see that Evanescence is releasing a 6 album vinyl box set, what can you tell us about that?

AL: I’m actually very, very excited about that. We’re just like finalizing the last couple details on it with artwork and have been working on this for months. I think it’s really important that if you ever put anything out that is a repackaging in any way of something that’s already been released that you make it worth it. I wanna make it something that’s cool and the fans can own. I kinda have a pet peeve against people who remaster and do the same thing again. It’s really important to me to make this special. It’s definitely a full-on fan thing like this is for the fans and that why its vinyl. So we have all our studio albums on there, we have our first ever demo, our first shot at ever making an album like from home, like in high school before Fallen got signed we made this thing called Origin. I sorta buried it for years and told people to just like download it illegally because I was never gonna release it. The fans really liked it, so I went ahead and included that in there this time because why not it’s for them and they want it so here you go. It’s definitely a big trip down memory lane of junior high and high school. Of course, we have all of the B-sides on one of the albums. In a way, these are some of my favorite songs and it’s cool to give them a moment and I did do one rerecording of a super old song in studio that’s something fully original.  And the book is like 52 pages and it’s awesome!

DFW:  So the book is some writings and photos?

AL:  You know, I’m a journal person and I’ve got the workings of lyrics from the beginning beginnings. I have been going through my attic, unpacking old boxes, finding old lyric journals and sketches of album covers that ended up becoming album covers and all kinds of cool content. So a lot of it is that stuff and then also cool pictures and video stills from our history.

DFW:  Jen Majura came on board about a year ago and seems to be fitting in nicely.

AL:  It’s really awesome to have another female in the band. It’s the first time for us, other than just me and the rest of the band has been guys. Nothing wrong with that for sure, but Jen has such a hard working and positive attitude she’s great to work with and she’s a good friend. I really really like having her around and really enjoy playing music with her and that’s the center of what its all about. It’s interesting that we’re doing this little tour.  Generally, you don’t tour tour until you have new material but I wanna play, you know. It all started because we got the first big show back. I think because we got Ozzfest again where we had the offer to go play a cool big show in Japan. We’re like “alright, let’s get the band together and throw a couple extra shows on there like make it worth something” – like play for some fans all around. If we’re gonna practice, its gonna suck to play one show and go home.  That’s so awful. This time, it’s like 4 weeks of shows, which is really great and we have been really wanting that. We have been really wanting that because every time we get together and play that last show were like, “dang it! I wanna go on tour! This is awful!”.  We’re having too much fun.  So we’re gonna have a lot of fun this time around.

DFW:  Fun is definitely what it’s all about, We will see you Oct 28th at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Remind us again why you like Dallas so much.

AL: The fans. I mean, it’s all about the people and they get rowdy and that is exactly the way we like them.  So we’re just gonna keep coming back as long as their that way.

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