Dallas, TX – Love found a way back to Dallas Wednesday. Tesla came to celebrate 30 years of rock and roll history at Gexa Energy Pavillion. On the brink of re-releasing their 1986 debut platinum album, Mechanical Resonance Live, fans showed up early to catch the Sacramento boys play it again.


On their second summer go-round with Def Leppard this year, Tesla is seeing a large fan base resurgence. While the band has a huge loyal following already, they brought back memories for many in the crowd with classics from the late 80s like “Signs”, “Little Suzi”, and “Love Song”. Lead singer Jeff Keith sounds absolutely phenomenal, hitting even the high notes that many artists are unable to hit 30 years later. Opening the show with “Rock Me to The Top”, Keith embraces the fans and works the stage from left to right.

DSC_6717-EditNot very often will you see a Theremin sitting on stage, yet it’s a staple for guitarist Frank Hannon who works one like a voodoo doctor during their second song  “Edison’s Medicine”.

With 14 studio album releases and numerous live albums, Tesla only played a 7 song setlist Wednesday evening. The more hard core fans would have enjoyed a longer setlist with more variety of old and new selections. Considering Telsa’s extensive repertoire spans three decades, that’s a valid complaint.  Nonetheless, the show is completely about the music and true to what Tesla is all about. Picking out the fan favorite hits and rocking them out for 45 minutes is a golden moment for these fans and got them fired up for REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard.



Photo Credit: Eddie Malluk, Texas Jam 1987

Tesla has a long history of playing here in Dallas. Just one year after their debut album back in 1987, they played the Texxas Jam at the historic Cotton Bowl in Fair Park. Since that time, Dallas-Fort Worth has been a regular stop on Tesla’s tours.

Over the last six years, Tesla has produced two studio albums and toured extensively. Twisted Wires, a mostly acoustical album was released in 2011 and Simplicity, more of an edgy rock album, was released in 2015. Acoustically or full on electric, Tesla has conquered what many try to do today. After all, MTV’s unplugged was launched by this little band from Sacramento.

More recently, Tesla has worked with Phil Collen from Def Leppard to produce a new song called “Save That Goodness”, featuring Delta Deep’s Debbi Blackwell-Cook. The song is now a single bonus to the new Mechanical Resonance Live album.

Check out our slideshow of Wednesday Performance at Gexa below:


Also Check out Tesla’s new video with Delta Deep & Phil Collen below: