Dallas, TX – If you were ever a member of the KISS Army or just a fan, Ace Frehley made your night at Gas Monkey Live Thursday night.  Ace and his band played the new and the old hits, keeping the crowd on their feet and their hands in the air.

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Frehley,  the original lead guitarist of KISS from 1973-1982, has been solo since then. Aside from one KISS reunion tour that ended in 2000, he has made music on his own and with Frehley’s Comet.  Ace was certainly back in the groove Thursday night, opening the show with “Rip It Out” from his 1978 self-titled solo album. He kept the night going with many KISS hits like “Love Gun”, “Deuce” and, of course, “Shock Me”.

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Ace wasn’t afraid to share the mic with his band as all members sang lead on songs while Ace played his signature feedback style solos. Drummer Scott Coogan hit it out of the park singing “Love Gun” and “Detroit Rock City”. Chris Wyse played a great solo, ranging from classical to Black Sabbath to finger tapping Mike Oldfield’s haunting “Tubular Bells”.  Following his solo, Wyse sang “Strange Ways”. Richie Scarlet traded riffs with Ace on “Emerald”, which was co-written with Slash.

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With his signature smoking guitar and six-minute face melting guitar solo, Frehley had the crowd singing, head banging and fists in the air. Ace and his band closed out the night with “Detroit Rock City” and “Deuce”, giving the audience everything they came for.

Were you there Thursday? What was your favorite part of the show?

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