Salvation From Sundown is a new school band playing old school music. All members are 13 years of age and under – but you would never know it listening to their music. We first heard about SFS last year when we went out to see Texas Flood, a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band. Unknown to us at the time, this was a night Tommy Katona, lead guitarist, had his student Spencer Singer joining him on stage. DSC_7286-Edit  Tommy’s guitar playing is simply amazing but this student, who is just a young man, blew us away. After the show we caught up with Spencer’s dad and learned more about Spencer’s band and how things were coming together.

Just a few months later, as we were gearing up for the annual guitar show in Dallas, we started hearing that Salvation From Sundown would be performing at the guitar show. The week before the guitar show, we found ourselves seeing these young artists take the stage at the Texas Musicians Museum. It was very captivating to see young musicians playing at such a high level – especially old school blues & rock from years before they were born..


SFS has plenty of local support from the local music scene and most notably local and national musician Lance Lopez, who is also their producer. The name Salvation From Sundown actually came from one of Lance Lopez’s albums from 2010.

DFW ImageJust this past week we caught up with the band at the Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, where they were opening up for Eric Gales. We asked to take some photos of the band and they were all very excited. Knowing them as the talented musicians they are, it’s easy to see them as mature adults. However, rounding them up for a band photo, they were every bit of their ages, exuberant and full of energy.


A little history about the band and their backgrounds: all musicians consider themselves self-taught but most have taken lessons or had some kind of influence. Cardis Wilkenson on bass has been mentored by Shreveport bassists Shawn Stroope, Kiante Mims, Robert Mathews & Micah Sasser. JD Beck has been taking drum lessons for 5+ years with Bobby Lotfipour. Kelsi Kee was born with her talent and feels gifted but works very hard at vocals. Reece Malone has been inspired and trained with Lance Lopez, Eric Gales, Terry Salyer & Ben Shepherd. Spencer Singer has been greatly influence and mentored by Tommy Katona and Korey Hicks.

Salvation From Sundown Definitely young artist who have put a lot of time into being all that they can be. As far as this summer goes SFS will be doing what most kids their age do. Going to real band camp, hanging with friends and yes playing a few gigs. Keep an eye on their social media page with concert updates HERE and follow them on Instagram HERE. Their show is truly an event for all ages.

Check out the video below of SFS playing Led Zeppelin’s Rock & Roll from the guitar sanctuary. Also the photo gallery from the guitar show kick off party.


Photo Gallery: