Granada Theater, Dallas –  SuperNova Remnant, a well-known Dallas-area Christian Rock band opened for national Grammy award-winning singer Scott Stapp, the voice of the popular post-grunge band Creed. This show marked the return of drummer James Michael McLester, who recently underwent a life saving kidney transplant.

SNR is a Dallas-based three piece Christian rock band with lots of heavy sound. Founded by Robbie Gustin and James McLester, both having had near-death experiences decided to make a change in their lives and pursue a healthier rock lifestyle. Joined by bassist Steven Knight, SNR is a refreshing hard rock band with a clean message. It was very appropriate for SuperNova Remnant to be the opening act for Scott Stapp, who has had his share of challenges over the years, even to the extent of ending up homeless and near poverty.

DSC_8514-EditMost recently, James had a life saving kidney transplant and has been recovering since mid December, proving that prayers do get answered. Opening for Scott Stapp was his first return to the stage and James performed flawlessly, as usual.

Check out SuperNova Remnants EP Rockets Red Glare

Read more about James Michael McLester and his story “Wannabe Rockstar Who Finally Found the Rock”.  You can purchase a copy of the book here and be sure to check out these pictures from Wednesday’s show.