Granada Theater, Dallas –  Scott Stapp, the voice of Creed, brought his solo tour through Dallas at the iconic Granada Theater on Lower Greenville Avenue on Wednesday, February 10th.  Stapp hasn’t been in the spotlight much since the tumultuous breakup of Creed and his personal struggles with drugs, alcohol and bipolar disorder.  Since being diagnosed, Stapp seems to be making a comeback with his distinctive post-grunge sound.


When the curtain dropped, the crowd was looking on with anticipation, not sure what to expect with Stapp as a solo artist. Was this going to be Scott Stapp of Creed or something completely different? From the onset it was powerful full metal guitar with Stapp wrenching back with clinched fist into “Bullets”, a Creed original from the band’s third album Weathered. The set list was heavy with Creed songs as well as several from Stapp’s solo release Proof Of Life from 2013.


The sound was very tight and Scott looked and sounded fantastic, possibly his best ever. The Granada crowd was very into the show and the band seemed to thrive off that energy. Watching some of the faces around the venue, they were clearly embracing lyrics from songs like “Proof of Life”, “One Last Breath” and “My Own Prison”.

DSC_9013-EditDuring the show’s encore, Stapp said part of his recovery was doing something for others and asked fans to join him in feeding hungry children. Additionally he dedicated his final song “My Sacrifice” to his wife Jaclyn, who was in attendance, celebrating their 10th anniversary. Stapp thanked his wife for being there for him when no one else would. For those of you who may have counted Scott Stapp out you may want to reconsider. He seems to be on the right path personally and professionally, embracing life with arms wide open.

Not only was this a night of redemption for Stapp, it was also the return of James Michael McLester, drummer for opening act SuperNova Remnant. James recently went through a life saving kidney transplant and returned with his band after 13 years of kidney dialysis. James has a similar story of tribulations throughout this musical career. You can read about his story here.