Dallas Comic Con Fan Day 2016

IRVING, TX – Once again, thousands descended upon the Convention Center in Irving, a suburb of Dallas, for the first “Con” of the new year.

RRJ_27271Fan Expo, in conjunction with DallasComicCon.com, holds three conventions annually, the first and third being Fan Days which are both held in Irving, in February and in October, respectively. The second and largest Con, Fan Expo Dallas, takes place mid-summer in Dallas.

RRJ_2840RRJ_2827Over the course of two days, the tiny convention center saw record crowds; there were so many attendees, the scene felt like a scaled-down San Diego Comic Con.

RRJ_2857Fanboys (and fangirls), cosplayers and hangers-on came to meet celebrities such as Brent Spiner and Stephen Amell, shake hands and buy exclusive work from legendary artists like Neal Adams and Sam de la Rosa and shop killer merch from over one hundred vendors.

RRJ_2846RRJ_2767Fan Expo also had workshops, panel discussions, a video gaming room and other activities such as cosplay contest and speed-dating for cosplayers.



There was so much to do, and with only two days (as opposed to a 3-day Con), there was little time to see and do it all. The diminutive size of the venue, the parking debacle and the event’s abbreviated runtime all challenged one’s will. The spirits of the ticketholders were so unshakably high however, that none of the aforementioned inconveniences were going to stop these kids from having a good time.

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If success can be measured by attendee reaction, then the Fan Days Con was indeed a triumph. Every single person that we spoke with had the same response: “I loved this Con; I had a blast; I can’t wait until the next [Con].” For more information, visit Fan Expo Dallas online.


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