South Side Ballroom, Dallas – It was a long awaited night for Evanescence fans on Sunday, November 15th.  The band has been on an extended hiatus since 2012 with some fans questioning their continued existence as a band. In August this year, Evanescence announced three US tour dates leading up to Ozzfest in Japan November 21st and 22nd.  Many loyal fans have traveled across the country to catch one of these three events in Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles.

DSC_5587Fans were lining up outside the standing room only event up to four hours before the opening act. Rain was falling and traffic was backed up for several miles getting to the venue. Event security had to turn fans looking for tickets away prior to showtime.  Sunday’s show in Dallas was no doubt one of the biggest events in recent history at The South Side Ballroom.

When the lights dropped at showtime the energy of the packed crowd of about 4,000 fans was palpable.  Amy Lee hit the stage with a vengeance and worked the entire room.  It was the moment the crowd had been waiting for.

DSC_5054-EditHeavy rhythmic bass and drums is the sound Evanescence is best known for, along with the voice of Amy Lee.  As far as the genre of music – it’s been classified as alternative rock, rock, heavy metal and even goth rock. What ever you want to call it, Evanescence’s sound is edgy, unique and easily recognizable.


Around the time of the US tour announcement, guitarist Terry Balsamo chose to part ways with the band and was replaced with Jen Majura from South Germany.  From what we saw Sunday, Jen seemed to be fitting in seamlessly and enjoying her new stint with Evanescence.

Amy Lee

Amy Lee’s vocals were spot on and almost nonstop the entire evening. Her ability to keep the show going and sing at that level is really incredible.

What’s in store for Evanescence in 2016 is anyone’s guess right now.  Based on the attendance Sunday and the crowd’s response, fans are hoping for a larger venue and more tour dates.

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