By Ryan Javier

DALLAS – In support of the North American leg of Garbage’s historic “20 Years of Queer” tour, special guest Torres opened the show and warmed up the hundreds of north Texans that were in attendance.

Torres, the nom de la musicienne of singer/songwriter and musical extraordinaire, Mackenzie Scott, and her band took to the stage, wearing matching blue lipstick and adorned in all-black, under a veil of darkness. As the lights came up, she began her Dallas set with the first track off of her 2013 debut self-titled album, “Mother Earth Father God”. Some had remarked before the show, that it was bold move adding an opener with a demographic that is 20 years younger than Garbage’s demo. In reality, that didn’t matter much at all. Great music transcends generations and it didn’t take long for the audience to realize this. Between the time the lights came up and when Torres went into the 2nd verse of “Mother Earth”, the fans at South Side went from “who the fuck is this?” to “fuck yeah, she rocks!” Amidst the blatantly encouraging cacophony of screams from the crowd, Torres went straight into “New Skin”, off her current album, Sprinter, 2015. After pausing to address the house and few more tracks, Torres closed out her set with “Honey” from her debut release followed by “Strange Hellos”, the introductory track from Sprinter.


Originally from Georgia, Torres began her professional career in Nashville and after the release of debut album and subsequent tour, she relocated to Brooklyn. The 9 track LP, Sprinter, however, was recorded in the UK, with assistance from Portishead’s Adrian Utley and members of PJ Harvey.

Although Sprinter is Torres’ sophomore studio album, she did contribute the A-Side song, an alternate take of the tune “The Harshest Light”, to a split 7” with the Ohio-based band Motel Beds, which was released in conjunction with 2014’s “Record Store Day”, a sort of quasi-holiday celebrated among vinyl dealers nationwide, culminating in in-store events and album releases.

Torres will be supporting Garbage for a half-dozen more dates, until the 28th of October, when Garbage embarks in their overseas portion of the anniversary tour. Visit Torres online for show dates, info and more.

*UPDATE – 10/20/15: Village Voice announced their Best of NYC list and Torres has been named “Best Songwriter” and “Best Rock Band” of 2015! Send her a well-deserved congratulatory tweet here.


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