Tom Keifer Rocks Gas Monkey Bar and Grill

Tom Keifer rocked the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill Thursday night September 17th in Dallas, TX. As the original front man for Cinderella, Keifer has ventured out on his own, touring and promoting his first solo album The Way Life Goes. We had a chance to catch up with Tom before the show and ask him a few questions about Life and the way life has been going for him.


DFW Images: Your current tour has you all over the world, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Spain and the US. That’s quite a load – your success seems to be going strong.

Keifer: Yes, we just go where we’re wanted and if people will have us, we keep coming.

DFW Images: So, you were not always a lead singer – you were guitarist first.  Is that right?

Keifer: I come from a family of musicians.  My dad was a trumpet player and I picked up the guitar.  Once I started Cinderella, I went more into vocals and assumed that role as well.

DFW Images: Tell us about your inspiration behind the album The Way Life Goes.

Keifer: This album is songs we have been working on over the last 10 years. I just slowly pulled them together to finish writing and produce. My wife, Savannah, had a lot of influence and roots in the Nashville area, where we now call home. She was a big influence as well.

DFW Images: Is Cinderella over or maybe something down the road?

Keifer: No plans for Cinderella. I am enjoying doing the solo stuff and looking to release another solo album soon.

DFW Images: Who’s Tom Keifer the person?

Keifer: First and foremost, I am a dad.  Savannah and I have an 11 year old son who keeps us busy with sports and family stuff. We’re parents, going to games and practices and being there for our son.

DFW Images: What do your workout habits and lifestyle look like today?

Keifer:  I have always had a healthy lifestyle, even while others were out partying and eating unhealthy. I tried to keep my fitness and health together. Being a front man requires you to look good so I’ve always worked on looking my best. In addition, I put my best in every show I do.

DSC_2539-EditThe Gas Monkey show Thursday night was a seven member production with lots of solid sound. The entire show consisted of 17 songs and was a non-stop, high energy show with a 3 song encore. There were plenty of hits from the 80’s along with 5 new solo songs. Considering the Cinderella days only consisted of four members, Keifer is serious about his solo work and tour. His new music doesn’t venture far from his bluesy rock and roll roots and remains true to what you would expect from Keifer.

At one point during the show Keifer’s wife Savannah, who is also a singer and songwriter, joins Keifer on stage for a duet of Ask Me Yesterday and Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone). It was a very powerful moment seeing an artist singing with his wife and seemingly very happy.

Tom keifer

During the encore Keifer belted out a couple of cover hits from the Beatles and Rolling Stones which really brought the energy level to a crescendo. The audience loved that he could cover a famous song in his own unique way. Keifer closed the night with Gypsy Road and then left the stage on the last train out of our hearts.

Check out the slideshow from the show:


Set List:

Fallin’ Apart at the Seams
It’s Not Enough
A Different Light
Somebody Save Me
Shake Me
Heartbreak Station
The Flower Song
Ask Me Yesterday
Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)
Nobody’s Fool
Solid Ground
Night Songs
Coming Home
Shelter Me

It’s Only Rock & Roll -Beatles Cover
With a little help from my friends – Rolling Stones cover
Gypsy Road

To download Keifer’s new songs or for additional tour dates, visit here.

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