Dallas will forever remain in the history books as the sight of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.  As one of the most beloved presidents in modern history, his assassination touched the heart of America and left a lasting legacy ending in Dallas.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial serves as a remembrance to the slain president. Built in 1970 by Philip Johnson, the structure is known as a cenotaph, or open tomb.  The structure is a square, roofless room, measuring 30 feet high and 50 feet by 50 feet wide.  Inside the room, visitors see a simple granite square with the name John Fitzgerald Kennedy carved and embossed in gold.

A few steps outside of the room, you will see a marker reading, “The joy and excitement of John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s life belonged to all men.  So did the pain and sorrow of his death.  When he died on November 22, 1963, shock and agony touched human conscience throughout the world.  In Dallas, Texas, there was a special sorrow.  The young President died in Dallas.  The death bullets were fired 200 yards west of this site.  This memorial, designed by Philip Johnson, was erected by the people of Dallas.  Thousands of citizens contributed support, money and effort.  It is not a memorial to the pain and sorrow of death, but stands as a permanent tribute to the joy and excitement of one man’s life.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s life.”

Dallas JFK Memorial


JFK Dallas Memorial

The John F. Kennedy Memorial is free to visitors and located at 646 Main Street in downtown Dallas.  After visiting the memorial, be sure to stop by Dealey Plaza to experience more of the history of Dallas and the Kennedy assassination.