Welcome to DFW Images!  We have many contributors throughout the metroplex sharing their pictures and reviews of all things DFW.  Meet a few of our regular DFW contributors:


Calvin is an avid photojournalist in the DFW area and the founder of DFW Images. His photography started with his teenage daughters and soon progressed to team photos, weddings, family and ultimately concert photography. He enjoys capturing all types of photography from landscapes to jet cars. He loves what he does and has the proof.


April blogs at My Real Food Family and Everyday Fitness and Nutrition. As an ultramarathoner, her passions include running, fitness and healthy living. When she’s not running, you’ll find her eating or sleeping.

Ryan Javier

Ryan began his journalism career in the fall of 2014 and since, he has rapidly become one of the region’s most prolific correspondents, regularly contributing material to a host of publications. Ryan has covered over 200 musical acts and reported on a wide range of topics such as festivals, conventions, sporting events, restaurants and films. Many prestigious corporations have utilized Ryan’s award-winning photographs for advertising campaigns, both nationally and internationally. Ryan currently resides in Dallas and enjoys outdoor activities with his daughter.

BioPic-Dan Elam-2

Dan Elam joined the team in 2015. He first became interested in photography specializing in sports and wildlife and then his interest evolved into a wider range from there. He likes to learn about the subject and know as much as possible in order to get the full picture. Driven by creating images that capture the eye and the imagination, he believes that you can never know enough about the art of photography and honing the craft. He is a techie and loves the outdoors, travel, music and the arts. A Texas native based in Fort Worth, he has also lived in Colorado but couldn’t wait to get back to the Lone Star state.

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