In the still of the night at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas, on Monday, there was a rockin’ reunion with David Coverdale, former Deep Purple vocalist and founder of the wildly popular hair band, Whitesnake. David Coverdale and his snakes are on tour for “The Purple Album”, also known as the Purple Tour, a tribute to Coverdale’s time with Deep Purple in the early 70s. It’s a night of musical memories for rockers from the 70s, 80s and beyond.


The show has a legendary feel from the beginning when Coverdale casually walks on stage. He clearly needs no grand appearance or introduction to draw a roar from the crowd. Coverdale’s signature mic stand twirling and high voice screeching brings the crowd to their feet. The opening song is the Deep Purple classic “Burn” from 1974 and is just one of five Deep Purple songs played throughout the night. Of course the night was filled with the classic Whitesnake hits that catapulted Coverdale to fame in the late 80s. The set list included fan favorites like “Slide It In”, “Is This Love”, “Bad Boys” and “Children of the Night”. Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without playing “Here I Go Again”, the hit that secured Whitesnake’s legendary rocker status.


Though there have been many changes in the band over the years, the current band consists of Tommy Aldridge, long time Whitesnake drummer since 1987, Rob Beach on guitar, Michael Devin on bass, Michele Luppi on keyboards, and newest addition to the band, guitarist Joe Hoekstra. The band wouldn’t be complete without the snake head that everyone came to hear, David Coverdale, the founder and lead vocalist of the band since the late 1970s.

DSC_6337Riveting guitar solos by Rob Beach and Joel Hoekstra kept the crowd excited and locked in. Later, Aldridge pounds into a drum solo without sticks – smashing cymbals and drums with his bare fist. The entire show was high energy, with no break in the action. However, the show did have a farewell feeling as if this were the last time they would be touring. Coverdale has hinted at retirement or doing solo music for some time and let’s face it – he’s had a fantastic career. But hopefully he’ll be saying “Here I go again” soon. After all, it’s the only road he’s ever known.