Fort Worth – Mac Sabbath took a drive through The Rail Club in Fort Worth Thursday night, serving up fast food metal high jinks. What started as a Youtube sensation in 2014 has taken off, turning into a national and international act. Mac Sabbath is considered a satirical Black Sabbath tribute band with a super sized twist. With songs like “Frying Pan” (Iron Man), “Sweet Beef” (Sweet Leaf), “Pair-a-Buns” (Paranoid), the band performs their hysterically greasy remakes of Black Sabbath hits.

Mac Sabbatoh at The Rail Club

The four-piece band consists of lead singer Ronald Osbourne, Guitarist- Slayer MacCheeze, Bass Player – Grimalice and drummer the Catburgler.

Mac Sabbath at The Rail ClubThe show was full of props including a center stage grill that billows out smoke and side stage clown heads with laser lights and more smoke. Ronald Osbourne drinks from large yellow Ice pails and sings from a  cup and straw mic stand. Catburgler’s foil-wrapped drum set appears to be comprised of hamburgers wrapped and unwrapped. It’s a spectacle that is certainly not about the music which didn’t sound all that bad considering the elaborate costumes.

Mac Sabbath at The Rail Club

Comedy was the theme throughout the evening and Ronald Osbourne goes into quite a few comic bits between songs. In some funny alternative universe-type way, the whole McDonalds/Black Sabbath combo works very well. Certainly good enough to have almost a million hits on one Youtube video and strong enough for a national tour across the US. Thursday’s crowd was probably a little lighter than expected but the fans on hand were certainly fired up and came out in force.

Check out more photos from the event below: